The “Hotel Degli Affreschi” is situated in the heart of Montefalco, in a historical building in Corso Mameli, near the main square of the town.
Part of the building was the structure of the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo, the oldest in the city. Historical manuscripts prove that the construction of the church took place even before the surrounding walls.

“...volsero gli abbitatori di Cor Curione prima di circondarlo di muri edificarle in esso una chiesa, come con ogni sollecitudine eseguirono vicino la porta più principale detta ‘di sopra’, in honore della gloriosa Vergine con il titolo di Santa Maria del Popolo…”

In 1268, it was however transferred from the Town Council to the Augustine Friars, who wanted to build here a settlement of their faith; so the church suffered radical modifications to its original structure in order to be tranformed into a convent. With the recent restoration, many old parts of the church and precious XIIcentury stone walls, hidden for centuries by plaster were discovered and brought to the light.

The name of the hotel comes from the rediscovey of six large frescoes painted by Mariano Piervittori in XVIIcentury and representing holy scenes. The hotel has got a very priveleged position which is only a few minutes walk from all the historical and artistic monuments of the city.

Our guests will enjoy a magnificent view on the umbrian valley. The “Hotel degli Affreschi” is the ideal place for a quiet holiday in an authentically medieval atmosphere and an excellent starting point for interesting cultural and eno-gastronomic itineraries to discover our region.